DIY Track Highlights

DIY Track Highlights

The DIY Track is focused on doing things yourself. Whether it be a new craft or odd jobs around the home or even running your own business, DIY wants to help you learn. Our panels will give people an opportunity to pick up new tools to use in their daily lives, a new hobby, or even an interest in a new branch of creativity.

This year, attendees will be breaking out their time turners as they attend panels in both the Fiber and Craft labs.

Panels like:

Homemade Ghostbusters PKE Meter on Raspberry Pi 2 —

Frankenstuffies (this is a return of a popular panel last year) —

Muscle Testing: Human Lie Detection and More —

How to Change a Tire —

An Experiment in Collaborative Art…with math n stuff —

We also have a slinky sound forest made by the mad genius and Featured Guest, David Erik Nelson.

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