We want your panels in Tech and Science

We want your panels in Tech and Science

Do you know Penguicon?


Maybe you do. It is a convention that combines Science Fiction with Open Source software, and is held in the spring every year in Southeastern Michigan. And if you have ever attended you know how good it is.


But if you have never attended, maybe this is the year. And if you have an interest in Open Source and similar technologies there is a lot to like at Penguicon. We are working on a Capture the Flag competition, a Red Hat admin competition, Fedora will be present, panels from a variety of companies, and talks from authors like  Guest of Honor Emeritus, Michael W. Lucas. But the thing about Penguicon is that this is a community project. While we love our industry partners and what they bring to Penguicon, the heart and soul of the event comes form people like you.


Yes, we want you to be a part of Penguicon! The great majority of talks and panels come from community members, and are a big reason why this event is so successful. And if you would like to be a part, just go to our Panelists Application and give us a proposal. We can’t accept any proposal we don’t get, after all.


We announced Cory Doctorow and Sumana Harihareswara as two of our Guests of Honor. Isn’t that exciting?


If Open Source or Tech isn’t top on your list, what about Science? Science Fiction inspires and has been inspired by work done by scientists. The Science track brings you telescope viewings, hands-on chemistry and robotics, discussions on the future of disease prevention, and a chance to walk the scale of the solar system. At Penguicon you can come and “Science the sh*t outta this.”


Whether you’re a Science enthusiast or a top-notch Scientist, we want your science panels. Do you love String Theory, want to teach us how to “peg a log” so mushrooms grow, show us the best of the universe and our solar system, or talk about biosciences? Whatever your scientific twist is, we want it. Simply fill out our form .


We love science and science fiction so much that we thought Peter Jansen(PhD) of the Open Tricorder Project would be an epic Hack of Honor this year.


Share your Science, Tech, Open Source passions at Penguicon! Please!
Programming Team Meeting Jan 28

Programming Team Meeting Jan 28

Hiya, Penguicon! There is an ALL HANDS, Program Staff Meeting scheduled for January 28, 2017. 

Location: The Westin Southfield Detroit, 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI. 48075
Date: January 28, 2017
Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm(ish)
Room: TBA
Facebook Event Page  

Come join our meeting for the Programming Team Leaders and Track Heads for Penguicon 2017. (And anyone willing to help!)

Are you a Penguicon Track Head or Program Team Member? Do you want to help do programming at Penguicon? This meeting is a working meeting for all who help create Penguicon’s unique, exhilirating and amazing program schedule.

Track Heads – Check your emails for further info on what to bring, but count on bringing everything you need to work out scheduling. Laptops, cords, phones, tablets, pen, paper, …. crayons??

Come prepared to work, with creative ideas and tons of questions. See you then!

Programming Blast

Programming Blast

Happy Holidays from the programming team! 
Did you know this year each of our track heads are making panel wish lists? 
If you have anything in mind you would like us to bring to penguicon let us know in the form below: https://goo.gl/forms/7X4sf5jdwjylxQlt1 

Or if you already have a panel in mind you would like to run, please fill out our form here:

Goodbye 2016 and we look forward to seeing all your faces in 2017!!

Sarah Lynn 
Head of Programming 

Penguicon 2017 
Penguicon Things room party at ConFusion

Penguicon Things room party at ConFusion

Penguicon Things graphic

If you’re attending ConFusion Convention during Janurary 19-22, then join us Saturday, January 21 at 9:00pm in our Penguicon Things room party located on the second floor of the Sheraton, in the party hall. (Room to be announced.) 
The Penguicon ConCom will be serving up fun, games, alcohol, and an epic waffle bites buffet during our party. We’ll also have accessible seating, an Assistive Listening Device on hand at the party for anyone in need, and service animals are welcome!

At the party, you can register for Penguicon 2017, use our laptop to suggest panel ideas, and/or just hang out! We Hate Bards will be hosting D&D games during the party, plus we’ll have other things to do.

Please remember, if you wish to imbibe some of our alcohol, you must bring your current, valid, government ID. And if Alcohol is not your thing, no worries, we will be providing other beverages!

Even if you can’t join us at Penguicon 2017, please come and join us in the Penguicon Things room party at Friendship is ConFusion! If you’re interested, or want further updates, please visit our Penguicon Things Event Page on facebook or email events@penguicon.org

Waffles! Ribbons! Penguicon Things!




November ConCom Meeting

November ConCom Meeting

It’s that time, Penguicon! Changing your clocks back one hour and Plans, Ideas, Brainstorms, Concerns, Solutions – in short, it’s the November ConCom meeting.

Anyone can come,(and we’d love it if you do!) listen, offer input, or even become part of our staff. If you want to know more about Penguicon, become part of our staff/volunteers, or just hang with us, here are the details:

Date: November 6, 2016
Time: 2:00pm start
Location: The Westin Southfield Detroit 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI. 48705 -Board of Trustees room
Who: Penguicon ConCom members, staff, volunteers, members of the Board, interested parties, curious people, anyone, and you!
Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided during meeting.

Want to see what we’re planning to discuss? Check out our November Agenda. If you plan to attend and want a topic added to the agenda, email chair@penguicon.org and we’ll add it.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Conchair, Penguicon 2017