Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Hello, Penguicon Maker Market Applicants!
This is reminder that you need to check your email and respond to the email sent to you.

If you were accepted to our Maker Market, your payment is not due until March 15th , you must confirm the acceptance letter in order to receive your paypal invoice.

“This year a Penguicon Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email listed on the application.(After you confirm your email) “

Wait listed applicants need to respond that you would like to be on the wait list, otherwise we assume you’re not interested and the spot will go to the next in line on the list.

All applicants to Maker Market have been sent emails to the address you provided on your application.
Please check your emails, this is time sensitive.
Thank you all who applied this year.

Judy Foley – Head of Maker Market
Laura Loki – Assistant Head Maker Market

We need your Science Track Panels!

We need your Science Track Panels!

Look at us, still talking, when there’s Science to do!

Science explains all of the seriously cool stuff that happens around us. We’re just looking for people to explain that science to the rest of us. Do you have a special interest that you’d like to talk about? A range of scientific knowledge that you’d like to share with us? Something that you’d like to show us how to do?

Please do join us! Join us and fill in our Panelist Application Form. Share your passion with others. Teach someone something new. It’s what Penguicon is all about.

Need some inspiration on what to talk about? Go check out the WishList and see what others have requested!

Thank you!

Your 2017 Penguicon Programming Team

WishList Unveiled!

WishList Unveiled!

Hello, Penguicon!

Thank you for making us all get to test out Sched a little earlier than we realized we’d have to. We had mentioned that our Programming Track Heads had a list of things that people had requested (from our Suggest a Panel form). And you mentioned that you’d like to see that list. So… now you get to! Go check out the WishList! If you see something that you’d like to talk about, show off, argue over, or generally share your passion and knowledge, then fill out the Panelist Application Form and help make Penguicon even better than ever.

Remember: Our new deadline for Panelist Applications is March 1st. So, you have time, but you don’t have THAT much time. Do it now!

This also gives you a little opportunity to check out Sched, which Penguicon will be using this year! It features easy search capabilities, calendar syncing, real-time editing and updates, and an app to make all of this available at your fingertips. More info and the actual app to come. For now, just enjoy the WishList and get inspired!

If you have any questions, you can email and/or and we’ll point you in the right direction.

-your Penguicon 2017 Programming Staff

Deadline Extension for Panelist Application Submissions

Deadline Extension for Panelist Application Submissions

Greetings, Penguicon!

We’ve been getting some seriously amazing programming submissions. But we still have room for more. Have you submitted your panelist application yet?

NEW FEATURE: We’re in the process of getting a WishList (ideas that others have requested) up for public viewing. It was a great idea that was suggested to us, but one we had to take a little time to get into a front-facing, easily-viewable and accessible format. To give everyone time, we’re extending the deadline for Panelist Application Submissions.

NEW DEADLINE: Your new application deadline is March 1st. We’ll have the WishList viewable before the end of the week, which means you still have nearly an entire month to submit. But don’t delay! The sooner you submit, the sooner we can start organizing panels and making sure everyone gets what they need to help us make the 15th Penguicon the very best Penguicon ever!

Whether your panel submission comes from the WishList or not, make sure you go submit it through the 2017 Panelist Application Form as soon as possible! We can’t wait to see what you’re bringing to Penguicon this year.

-the Programming Team of Penguicon 2017