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We need your Anime Track Panels!

We need your Anime Track Panels!

Do you love anime? Are you a self proclaimed Otaku? Can’t put down that amazing Manga series? Then this is the track for you!
You’ll find passionate fans to discuss anime with, fans who want you to show them things they’ve never seen, and to let them ask you thought provoking questions about some of the classics 🙂

Sign up for a panel (or over 9000 of them) using the Panelist Application form on the website!

Out of ideas? Go check out the WishList for ideas of what others have suggested and/or requested to learn more about.

*waits patiently for your application* But not too patiently, because it’s only a few days until the March 1 deadline!

-the Penguicon 2017 Programming Team

We need your Science Track Panels!

We need your Science Track Panels!

Look at us, still talking, when there’s Science to do!

Science explains all of the seriously cool stuff that happens around us. We’re just looking for people to explain that science to the rest of us. Do you have a special interest that you’d like to talk about? A range of scientific knowledge that you’d like to share with us? Something that you’d like to show us how to do?

Please do join us! Join us and fill in our Panelist Application Form. Share your passion with others. Teach someone something new. It’s what Penguicon is all about.

Need some inspiration on what to talk about? Go check out the WishList and see what others have requested!

Thank you!

Your 2017 Penguicon Programming Team