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Come sign up for Mock Job Interviews!

Come sign up for Mock Job Interviews!

So, you want a job? Well, so does everyone else. How do you go about setting yourself apart when, let’s be honest, others might have the same or better experience, qualifications, training, etc? You need to provide a stunning resume. But more than that, you need to ace that interview.

This is a three-part course covering what you need to know and do. You must attend the Kickoff Session and sign up there for your interview, to be sure you’re paired up with relevant interviewers. Once you’re scheduled, you’ll be set up for a Mock Interview. You are expected to come as you would for an actual interview. Put together your Resume to bring to Penguicon. Wear a set of interview-appropriate clothes. Get interviewed for a hypothetical job by two or three very non-hypothetical hiring managers who will give you equally non-hypothetical feedback on your strengths, weaknesses, and your overall impression as a candidate for the hypothetical job.

Finally, there will be a Wrap Up Session (limited to those who’ve attended the first two parts, please), to go over what was learned and discovered through the process.

As with any other job interview, this one needs preparation! You MUST bring a resume and wear proper interview attire; you MUST attend the Kickoff Session; and you MUST sign up at said Kickoff Session to qualify for the Mock Interview process. If you’re considering getting a job, a new job, a promotion, etc, this set of panels is an absolute MUST.