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We need your Food Track Panels!

We need your Food Track Panels!

Food – odds are, YOU had some today! Whether you make your own from scratch, throw together whatever’s in the kitchen, or just like to drink your calories, you’re already an expert at feeding yourself, so come share what you know with your fellow foodies!

Go fill out your Panelist Application form, and share your food ideas with us! Don’t forget about the WishList, where people have already suggested ideas that you might be interested in presenting.

We’re practically drooling in anticipation!

-your 2017 Penguicon Programming Team

We need your Action/Adventure Track Panels!

We need your Action/Adventure Track Panels!

You know what’s cool? I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure adventure is cool. And there’s so much of it to be found out there.

Penguicon is primarily Open Source and Science Fiction. You know what Science Fiction has a lot of? Activity!

Stage fights. Swashing. Buckling. Martial arts theory. Camping. Survival. Zombie apocalypse preparation. Which of these skills do YOU want to share?

Go fill out the Panelist Application Form and tell us what you’re going to teach the rest of us. If you’re overwhelmed by too many ideas, you can check out the WishList and see what others have suggested or requested to learn about.

We can’t wait!

-the Penguicon 2017 Programming Team