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Author: Penguicon Conchair

Penguicon 2017 Convention Chairman, Cylithria Dubois - aka Lithie

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation  of the Guest of Honor appearance  by Coraline Ada Ehmke. While we will miss her presence, Penguicon continues to honor Coraline’s Open Source contributions.

Cylithria Dubois


Regarding Midwest Media Expo

Regarding Midwest Media Expo

Our hearts go out to the attendees and management of the Midwest Media Expo for their tragic and sudden venue loss. We are in chats with MME to see if there is any way we can help out with their situation.

Please do not try to recruit their attendees or say disparaging things about the event, because truthfully, it could happen to any of us. If we’re able to assist, we will, and we will make an official statement at that time.


Cylithria Dubois
Chair, Penguicon 2017

Consuite Staff Needed!

Consuite Staff Needed!

Hello, Penguicon attendee’s, new and veteran.

 My name is Dan Eckerd and I am the 2017 Head of Hospitality for Penguicon. I am looking to fill staff positions in the Consuite this year. As staff you schedule your hours (minimum of 8) you’ll be working in the consuite. This means you can go to panels, parties, or anything else – plus work the consuite and help out! Duties can include cleaning up, restocking food/snacks, aiding with flow of traffic, and serving beer (must be of age).

Come, Meet, Greet, and Interact with Penguicon Attendees.

Whether you have worked the consuite for years or this is your first con, I would like to work with you this year in Consuite.

If you have further questions you can email me at interested parties should email the following info: First and last name, Email address, and Cell number so you can be registered as staff. Did I mention Staff gets a reduced badge registration rate? $25.00!


Thank you and see you at Penguicon!

Dan Eckerd

2017 Penguicon Head of Hospitality


Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Hello, Penguicon Maker Market Applicants!
This is reminder that you need to check your email and respond to the email sent to you.

If you were accepted to our Maker Market, your payment is not due until March 15th , you must confirm the acceptance letter in order to receive your paypal invoice.

“This year a Penguicon Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email listed on the application.(After you confirm your email) “

Wait listed applicants need to respond that you would like to be on the wait list, otherwise we assume you’re not interested and the spot will go to the next in line on the list.

All applicants to Maker Market have been sent emails to the address you provided on your application.
Please check your emails, this is time sensitive.
Thank you all who applied this year.

Judy Foley – Head of Maker Market
Laura Loki – Assistant Head Maker Market