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Author: Penguicon Conchair

Penguicon 2017 Convention Chairman, Cylithria Dubois - aka Lithie
Consuite Staff Needed!

Consuite Staff Needed!

Hello, Penguicon attendee’s, new and veteran.

 My name is Dan Eckerd and I am the 2017 Head of Hospitality for Penguicon. I am looking to fill staff positions in the Consuite this year. As staff you schedule your hours (minimum of 8) you’ll be working in the consuite. This means you can go to panels, parties, or anything else – plus work the consuite and help out! Duties can include cleaning up, restocking food/snacks, aiding with flow of traffic, and serving beer (must be of age).

Come, Meet, Greet, and Interact with Penguicon Attendees.

Whether you have worked the consuite for years or this is your first con, I would like to work with you this year in Consuite.

If you have further questions you can email me at interested parties should email the following info: First and last name, Email address, and Cell number so you can be registered as staff. Did I mention Staff gets a reduced badge registration rate? $25.00!


Thank you and see you at Penguicon!

Dan Eckerd

2017 Penguicon Head of Hospitality


Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Maker Market Applicant Reminder

Hello, Penguicon Maker Market Applicants!
This is reminder that you need to check your email and respond to the email sent to you.

If you were accepted to our Maker Market, your payment is not due until March 15th , you must confirm the acceptance letter in order to receive your paypal invoice.

“This year a Penguicon Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email listed on the application.(After you confirm your email) “

Wait listed applicants need to respond that you would like to be on the wait list, otherwise we assume you’re not interested and the spot will go to the next in line on the list.

All applicants to Maker Market have been sent emails to the address you provided on your application.
Please check your emails, this is time sensitive.
Thank you all who applied this year.

Judy Foley – Head of Maker Market
Laura Loki – Assistant Head Maker Market

Westin Non-Refundable Booking Heads-up

Westin Non-Refundable Booking Heads-up

Penguicon Hotel Alert!

If you booked your room using the Non-Refundable (Pre-pay) booking rate of $124.00 per night, The Westin will be collecting your payment now.

There was a problem with their booking site, and you should have been charged within 24 hours of making your Non-Refundable Reservation, but that obviously did not happen. All folks who booked via Non-Refundable (Pre-Pay) link should receive an email from the Westin within the next 24 hours to explain further.

This will NOT affect the Flexible Cancellation Policy Rooms.

The Westin sincerely apologizes for this tech glitch pain in the tailend. (As do We!)

We want your panels in Tech and Science

We want your panels in Tech and Science

Do you know Penguicon?


Maybe you do. It is a convention that combines Science Fiction with Open Source software, and is held in the spring every year in Southeastern Michigan. And if you have ever attended you know how good it is.


But if you have never attended, maybe this is the year. And if you have an interest in Open Source and similar technologies there is a lot to like at Penguicon. We are working on a Capture the Flag competition, a Red Hat admin competition, Fedora will be present, panels from a variety of companies, and talks from authors like  Guest of Honor Emeritus, Michael W. Lucas. But the thing about Penguicon is that this is a community project. While we love our industry partners and what they bring to Penguicon, the heart and soul of the event comes form people like you.


Yes, we want you to be a part of Penguicon! The great majority of talks and panels come from community members, and are a big reason why this event is so successful. And if you would like to be a part, just go to our Panelists Application and give us a proposal. We can’t accept any proposal we don’t get, after all.


We announced Cory Doctorow and Sumana Harihareswara as two of our Guests of Honor. Isn’t that exciting?


If Open Source or Tech isn’t top on your list, what about Science? Science Fiction inspires and has been inspired by work done by scientists. The Science track brings you telescope viewings, hands-on chemistry and robotics, discussions on the future of disease prevention, and a chance to walk the scale of the solar system. At Penguicon you can come and “Science the sh*t outta this.”


Whether you’re a Science enthusiast or a top-notch Scientist, we want your science panels. Do you love String Theory, want to teach us how to “peg a log” so mushrooms grow, show us the best of the universe and our solar system, or talk about biosciences? Whatever your scientific twist is, we want it. Simply fill out our form .


We love science and science fiction so much that we thought Peter Jansen(PhD) of the Open Tricorder Project would be an epic Hack of Honor this year.


Share your Science, Tech, Open Source passions at Penguicon! Please!